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have we talked about the monster girls’ school movie of scooby doo?

Only my favorite.

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Older! Dreads on boolittle is my fav thing ever 

And head cannon, over time she becomes good friends with the were-creatures. (Catty, Gilda, Avea etc…) And hardcore into voodoo.

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Episode 20 of the Ghoul Talk podcast is focused on that most villainous of older sisters, Nefera DeNile!   We discuss Nefera’s character and background in the MH universe, and talk about why she’s such a polarizing character.  Listen to the episode online or download it on itunes.

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Cleo De Nile - I Love Fashion

Her fringe would not lie flat, so I’m trying to tame it with this hairband.

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Now for sale on our Etsy! Includes gown and boa.

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The big, bad ghouls.

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Thaaaaaaank you for 400 followers.

I’m glad ya’ll put up with my weird bug lesbians. And bad quality gifs.

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These crowns are up in the shop now:


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~~Wanna join the disappearing club?~~

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