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Can’t get over how cute these dolls are! Wish I would have discovered them sooner!

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Quill Talyntino

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Honey Swamp! <3

I simply had to draw a portrait of me new (one and only) MH doll. Her design and colour palette is just so lovely! The print on the skirt was a nightmare to draw, but it was kinda fun too. 

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Inner goodies for Inner Monsters

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Shivering Sad and her three eye options. The last one looks more bloodshot-from-crying.

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Oh Lala ! My favorite Abbey !She’s Dot Dead Gorgeous.

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old sketch of jane

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My god her dress and scales killed me!!!!!!! Must say though, I’m actually in love with this one <33 think I will be keeping this colouring technique ^w^ Righty o’ next ask….

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